Our Solutions

Innovative solutions that meet distinctive market needs.

Isolectra Malaysia currently focus on 3 core business:

We provide integrated solutions for the telecommunication and ICT Sector

We provide solutions for industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

We provide advanced solution for industrial automation.

Solutions for the telecommunication and ICT sector

We provide solutions for the telecommunications companies, internet service providers, utilities, hospitality sectors, etc… We are able to provide network design, installation, testing and commissioning.

We supply telecom products (SDH, repeaters, BRAS, modems, etc…), connectivity solutions, special cables, electronics and electrical components to Telco, M&E contractors and consultants.

We have the ability to undertake turn-key projects in our offering.

Outdoor / Indoor Telecom

Connectivity Products: We provide cutting edge product solutions to increase network flexibility and reliability. We have both copper and fiber products for fixed and mobile networks.

Electrical Components

We provide lightning protection, surge protection and earthing solutions to the telecommunications companies, oil & gas companies, utilities, etc… We offer solutions to protect customer’s systems and equipments against transient surges.

Customer Premises Equipment

We provide a wide range of communications terminal equipments and computer communications equipment. Product series include ADSL customer premises equipment, SHDSL modem, VoIP gateway, VoIP phone, GSM/CDMA business phone, analogue and digital auto dialer and other communications equipments, etc…

Broadband Wired / Wireless

We provide our solutions to the telecommunications companies, internet enterprises, etc… Our network design shall support delivery of internet services, optimization of bandwidth to subscribers and reduce customer’s operational expenditures.


We offer first-class products for competitive prices. Our product solutions feature latest technology designs that improve operational efficiencies and increase network flexibility and reliability.

Solutions for industrial, commercial and residential buildings

We provide platform for intelligent building system that makes life in the office and home more comfortable.

We offer solutions for state-of-the-art IP based integrated security systems; access control system, audio/video intercom systems, surveillance systems, public address systems, etc…

We design, manage and deliver solutions on information display system, communication system, lightning & surge protection, etc… for all industries.

Professional Communication

We cover a wide range of industries providing state-of- the-art IP solution and conventional communication system for various applications. We specialize in Intercom Systems, Public Address Systems & Emergency Evacuation System, Special Telephones, Sounder and Signaling Devices, Conference Systems and Nurse Call.


We also provide high quality equipment, specialized services and support for the education industries.

Security Management

We are a one-stop shop security system solution provider. We specialize in CCTV solution, Intrusion Detection System, Security Management System and Card Access System.

Network Equipment

We deliver innovative solutions and excellent support on high- tech equipments for telecommunication networks, core network switching and transmission systems for wireline and wireless networks for highway operators, offshore and onshore, airport and etc… This includes a vast array of hardware and software products that allow for remote communication and control, and translate data between a number of protocols.

Projects & Services

We provide maintenance services for Transmission, Telecommunication and CCTV Systems. We also provide project implementation and management which includes designing, planning, installation, test and commissioning of Transmission, Telecommunication and CCTV System.